More than 60 years of service to clients.

After establishing a solo practice in 1931, Donald M. Reno founded the firm with J. Michael O’Byrne in 1952 as “Reno & O’Byrne.” In 1962, the firm became “Reno, O’Byrne & Kepley” when Vance I. Kepley became a partner.  Although Donald M. Reno and his son, Donald M. Reno, Jr., retired in the late 1970’s, “Reno” was retained as part of the firm name because of the recognition that it enjoyed in the community.  In 1984, the firm incorporated as “Reno, O’Byrne & Kepley, P.C.”

The firm name was changed in 1994 to “Rawles, O’Byrne, Stanko & Kepley, P.C.”  Vance I. Kepley had retired in 1989, but his son, Brett A. Kepley, succeeded him as a principal in the firm.  The other principals in the firm in 1994 were J. Michael O’Byrne, Edward H. Rawles, Stephen M. O’Byrne, and Glenn A. Stanko.  Effective January 1, 2006, the firm adopted the name of “Rawles, O’Byrne, Stanko, Kepley & Jefferson, P.C.,” in order to reflect Timothy S. Jefferson’s status as a principal in the firm.   J. Michael O'Byrne retired from active practice a few years later, and Edward H. Rawles retired in January 2014.  Brett Kepley left the firm in February of 2017.  Kevin Nolan joined the firm in March of 2017, after serving three terms as Douglas County State's Attorney.

In September 2015, the firm changed its name to "O'Byrne, Stanko, Kepley & Jefferson, P.C., in conjunction with the relocation of its office.  In February 2017, the firm changed its name to "O'Byrne, Stanko & Jefferson, P.C." in conjunction with the departure of Brett Kepley.

The firm was located in the Fleetwood Building at 501 West Church Street in Champaign from 1959 until September 2015, when it moved to the Huntington Tower, 201 West Springfield Avenue, Champaign.

Glenn A. Stanko retired from the full-time, active practice of law at the end of 2018.  He currently has "Of Counsel" status with the firm.

Firm Name History:
  • 1952  -  1962   Reno & O’Byrne
  • 1962  -  1984   Reno, O’Byrne & Kepley
  • 1984  -  1994   Reno, O’Byrne & Kepley, P.C.
  • 1994  -  2005   Rawles, O’Byrne, Stanko & Kepley, P.C.
  • 2006  -  2015   Rawles, O’Byrne, Stanko, Kepley & Jefferson, P.C.
  • 2015  -  2017  O'Byrne, Stanko, Kepley & Jefferson, P.C.
  • 2017 - Present O'Byrne, Stanko & Jefferson, P.C.